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Clerkenwell Penthouse

Architect: Heckmann Design 

A project completed by Ruben during his time at Packman Lucas, this suspended mezzanine for a penthouse apartment in Hoxton was designed by Heckmann Design to make use of a previously unused vaulted ceiling space. 

The existing structure of the main building was designed by Packman Lucas in the late 90s and consists of a pair of steel arches spanning between two concrete framed blocks and suspending four floor plates from under the arches, leaving the ground floor free of intrusive works. 

Working closely with the architects and fabricators the mezzanine was suspended from the same steel arches. The positioning of the platform via the suspension rods and careful detailing of the fixings to the existing structure was a collaborative creative process with the architect which resulted in a stable, functional and elegant structure.  

Access to the mezzanine is via a bespoke steel staircase by Heckmann Design which hangs via a central post from the steel deck.

This project was shortlisted for the Blueprint Awards 2020. 

Photographs are by Ben Pipe

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