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RW Structures was founded by Ruben Wood to provide a specialist structural design service to the construction and design related industries. Ruben is a Chartered Engineer with the Institute of Structural Engineers and has a thorough range of experience on projects both in the UK and globally, centered on the construction industry but also in public art installations and bespoke structures.  His extensive experience in a wide range of projects afford him the contacts to bring together the right team for a job. Ruben has worked on a range of projects where he has developed the ability to perform conceptual and detailed designs, analysis of complex structures and element design. He has extensive experience in structural design and construction methods and has successfully completed projects with values in excess of £10m.

Ruben also has a role as the head of the technical department at Domino Clamps and continues to work with Packman Lucas on an ongoing project for a Monastic School in the Himalayas.​

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 Structural Design


Feasibility & Viability Studies


Technical Audits


Structural Appraisals


Structural Surveys

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